Safe browsing: tips to protect yourself
Be safe in the digital world. Protect your devices and data properly. And be aware of scams like WhatsApp fraud and bank spoofing.

Protecting devices and data
The most important measures you need to take for your online safety:

Pay attention
Paying attention remains the most important thing. Check out the tricks criminals use in WhatsApp scams, Marketplace scams and phishing emails.

Choose good antivirus software
A good virus scanner will protect your PC against malware such as ransomware (hostage software) and fake websites (phishing).

Good password management
Use strong and unique passwords. A password manager helps: it is safe and convenient. It stores passwords in a vault that you protect with a master password. We tested 12 free and paid password managers.

Use two-factor authentication
With two-factor authentication, you often use an extra code or app in addition to a password. A hassle? Often you only have to confirm the extra code once per device, location or month.

Update your devices
Security leaks are a regular occurrence in devices and programmes. They are a gateway for malicious software and hackers. Know what to update and do it regularly. From operating systems and apps on PCs, smartphones and tablets to your router and smart devices.

Make backups
Back up your files in case something goes wrong. Preferably make 2 copies of your data. Keep one of them in another location (or online).

Improving digital security often helps your online privacy. Don't forget: delete cookies, VPN services or specific privacy settings on your PC, on Android and on iPhones and iPads.

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