Have your own book printed: These are the possibilities
Printing your own book is no problem in the Internet age. In this practical tip, we have compiled information on how this works, what you need to bear in mind and which providers there are.

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Have your own book printed: These are your options
If you have written a book and want to have it printed, you generally have two options: Either you use an online printing company or you publish the work with a book-on-demand provider.

Which option is right for you depends on what you intend to do with the book. If you want to print your work for yourself or as a gift for family and friends, an online print shop is a good solution.
Here you can upload your book as a PFD or Word file and have it printed. In doing so, you choose the book format, paper type, binding type and colour (black and white or colour). After your order, the printed book will be in your mailbox within one to two weeks.
Whereas in the past such printers often only allowed a large number of copies to be ordered, today they can usually print as few as one copy. The prices are also affordable. Depending on the format and size, prices start in the single-digit euro range.
Among others, you can have the book printed at wirmachendruck.de, mybuchdruck.de or epubli.de.
Printing books on demand
If you want to publish your book and offer it to potential readers, you can use a book-on-demand provider. Book-on-demand or print-on-demand means that the book is not printed until someone has bought it. In addition, depending on the provider, the books are also available in bookshops. You publish your book yourself.

In this case, you also upload the manuscript of your book to the respective provider. This file is then used for printing. When your book is ordered, the order is passed on to a printer. The finished product is then sent from there to the customer.
Book-on-demand is a good option especially for self-publishers - i.e. authors without a publisher - to position their book comprehensively on the book market. Many providers offer the book in the main online shops of Thalia, Buecher.de and Co. The only exception is often Amazon, which has its own book-on-demand offer on the market with KDP. a3 printing online
The costs to the author are low, if at all. A reputable book-on-demand provider charges at most a small service fee and costs for any optional services, such as marketing or advertising.
You determine the profit margin per book via the price. Often you receive so-called royalties on each sale, i.e. a percentage of the book price.
Good book-on-demand providers are, in addition to the Amazon KDP already mentioned, Tredition, BoD or Epubli. The latter also offers, as mentioned in the first chapter, a simple book printing service without publication.

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