Here they are: 7 tips to boost your study motivation
First of all, it's important to know exactly what type of motivation to boost.

To start with, there is the intrinsic motivation. You know, the motivation that comes from within you. You study because you are super interested in the subjects, or because you want to learn more.
Then there is extrinsic motivation. This comes from outside. You do it for the sake of others, because you don't want to disappoint them or hear their comments, for example. Or for the blissful reward of good blocks: three months' holiday.
Depending on the lack of one or the other motivation in your fuel tank, there are several tricks available. Think about what type of motivation you need most to get ahead. Maybe you benefit more from rewards than from a drive from within. Or maybe it's the other way around.

But enough talk, let's get to the point. The tips!


1. Soign yourself and create breathing space.

Pause regularly enough and give yourself a reward. Especially when the dust is drier than the sand in the desert. Our top tip: your favourite snack or a walk in the neighbourhood. Or why not treat yourself to a nice bath once you've reached that certain page?

2. Think about what's waiting for you after exams.

That long journey to the Far East. A mega party with all your friends to celebrate the start of summer holidays. All the time in the world for your hobbies. There are plenty of rewards waiting for you. You're not going to let a bad exam ruin that, are you?

3. Study with music.

Put on songs from genres that make you feel good. Nope, it doesn't have to be classical music. Just check if you are still able to study: some people get distracted too much, while others do very well. In any case: do not put the music too loud. And don't put a radio on either: the talking presenters disturb the concentration.


4. Think back to why you chose this direction.

Maybe you have lost sight of it, but there is probably a good reason why you chose this study. Is it because you have a certain dream job in mind? Or because certain subjects interest you very much, but the ones you have to go through now are of less interest? Keep these things in mind and go for your goal: the key to your ideal future.

5. Draw up concrete goals.

Don't study at random, but plan some flags along the way. Places where you want to be at a certain moment: at the end of the day, for example. That way, you break up the turf into more digestible pieces. Keep it realistic, but at the same time motivating. A good consideration that keeps the bow tense enough.

6. Also think about the things you want to learn from each part.

Don't think in vague terms like "I want to learn more about market research". Think of concrete goals for each day, such as "I want to learn how to write a market research survey". If you can give a good answer afterwards, this will provide extra motivation and self-confidence. Double win!

7. Look positively at the past.

Maybe you look too much at the negative things surrounding your studies. Bad professors who don't help you, too much group work or too little time for your social life. Don't think about these things too much, as they will undermine your motivation and make you feel even worse. If you can, look at the positive. Not at the mountain of learning in front of you, but where you have already successfully struggled through.

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