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Online casinos have been growing in recent years, maintaining their popularity with gambling enthusiasts.

Thanks to constant advances in technology, the gambling and casino industry has been able to reinvent itself so that the sector does not disappear completely. For several years now, land-based casinos have been experiencing major problems in different countries around the world, including Spain. Most of these problems have had to do with regulations and, now, with the times of pandemic, everything has become more difficult.

However, all this situation has allowed the sector to rethink and focus on the online casino modality, which has been growing in recent years, maintaining its popularity among gambling enthusiasts. Thanks to the globalisation of the internet, it has become beneficial for any gambler because of the security and great offers that online casinos have to offer.

For any gambling enthusiast, it is attractive that a good online gambling site has promotions, such as sign-up or welcome bonuses, instant payouts etc. The offer is great for users, everyone can decide on their own where they feel comfortable, as well as choose the type of game they prefer.

What types of games are available at Online Casinos?
There is a wide variety of sites offering a wide range of games, from slots to blackjack, Egyptian themed variants, pirate treasure and an infinite number of designs. Spaniards par excellence are also fans of sports betting, with many seeing these sites as a way to bet freely on any popular sport or little-known discipline.

Experts say that bettors like to take advantage of the offers offered by new platforms, a clear example is Paston Online, which at first glance is characterised by the quality of the games and inclusion in more categories of sports betting. Equally, there is eSports, which has a major function within the site. The advantage may be greater over existing online casinos in terms of promotions and prizes.

What regulations must an online casino follow?
What makes an online casino more attractive to the player is that it carries established licences, which must be in force. The regulations do not follow a mandatory guideline in all countries, in each of them it is different. However, this is not a problem, as in most countries online casinos can operate normally.

An important fact to make sure that an online casino site is legal and safe is that it only needs to have the Safe Play seal. This seal is only awarded to legal gambling platforms, ensuring the security of each one of them. Online casino platforms that do not operate legally in Spain are usually limited, but there are always exceptions, so make sure that they comply with legal regulations.

Due to the confinement applied to a percentage of Spanish gambling enthusiasts, this is beneficial to them, as they decide whether or not to go to a physical casino. Moreover, the level of comfort is such that players can access online casinos from their smartphones or tablets. In this way, they avoid going to public places and enjoy the safety of home.

Among the benefits of playing online are:

In times of COVID, it helps to maintain social distance.
Constant offers and jackpots
Instant payouts
Can be played at any time of day, 365 days a year
Variety of games in different catalogues
The industry is expected to continue to grow over the years. Although land-based casinos do not have the same impact around the world as they once did, for Spain and many countries, online casinos continue to generate millions of euros annually. The industry continues to expand and become more inclusive, thanks to various aspects.

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