How do you recognise a reliable locksmith? 7 tips
Jun 11

"A locksmith just came by and demolished my entire lock and my door. Can you help me?" How often we get this question is uncountable. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen a lot of these malpractices and we have to fight them. When do you know if the locksmith is reliable? We give you 7 tips.

Ti p 1 - Scroll down on Google
Malafide locksmiths pay a lot of money to get high up in Google. They are almost always at the top and pay around 90 euros per click. Not only do they work badly, they are also extra expensive because they pay so much money to Google.

Tip 2 - Take a critical look at the contact page
Is there no address on the contact page of the website? Then the locksmith is not reliable. If he has done the damage and forced you to pay, he is nowhere to be found. Every reliable locksmith is traceable.

Tip 3 - Look up the Chamber of Commerce number
Is the Chamber of Commerce number not on the website? This is also a sign of unreliability. Every official company has a Chamber of Commerce number on its website.

Tip 4 - Look for reviews on Google
A company that provides a good lock service often has good reviews on its Google business page. So it is always wise to study these before you call the locksmith.

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Tip 5 - Do not be tempted by unofficial quality mlocksmithd Slotenmakers Keurmerk'. If this is stated on the locksmith website, it should ring a bell. There is in fact no official Approved Locksmith Seal of Approval.

Tip 6 - Ask for a price indication
Is the locksmith unable to tell you in advance how much it will cost? Then call another locksmith who is transparent. Always ask for the call-out fee, material costs, emergency rate and evening costs. Then you won't get any nasty surprises.

Tip 7 - Look at the car and the tools
Is there no logo on the car? Does the vehicle have a foreign number plate? And does the locksmith have few tools with him? These are also clear characteristics of a rogue locksmith. A reliable locksmith will always present himself professionally with a company car, work clothes and high-quality tools.

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